We are a team of Engineers & Environmentalists bound together by our passionate commitment of going beyond innovative engineering design and enhancing the natural environment. 

We sincerely believe in the opportunity of incorporating the natural enviroment in our designs and minimizing the use of natural resources.

Our team has been working in the development sector for more than 20 years and has contributed to many award winning projects. We pride ourselves in providing solutions where others cannot and in unlocking constrained sites. Whether your site constraints are utility services, flood zone 3 issues, SUDS, highways constraints or complicated earthworks, our innovative, integrated and holistic approach provides a comprehensive and cost effective solution. We have a very strong reputation of unravelling similar sites in both London and the Home Counties.

Modern Housing Complex

Founding Director

Tapiwa Gavaza


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Highlights & Award

Winning Projects:

  • Tapiwa Gavaza - Founding Director
Modern Housing Complex

In My Own Words

 In undertaking my work I have always maintained that, "obstacles, constraints and difficulties are opportunities to find an engineered solution that simplifies the complex, demystifies the mystery and protects the environment."


I am a development engineering professional with over 20 years international experience. My specialty is civil engineering and infrastructure design of residential, commercial, retirement and resort projects. My international career has covered projects in the United Kingdom, Africa & the Middle East.


I am an accomplished engineer whose well-honed skills and creativity have contributed to over 10 award winning projects.


I am a passionate advocate for addressing the housing crisis and climate change. In my spare time I play the saxophone, song write and compose gospel music.


Orbit Homes
Parkgate Group
Taylor Wimpey

We engineer every development with the absolute intention of creating sustainable and low carbon developments where people love to live, work and play.


We go beyond innovation by creating efficient and cost-effective designs.

Our designs do not compromise the environment but add value to local communities and enhance the character and appeal of the local area.

We embrace the natural environment incorporating the green and blue natural infrastructure found on our clients' sites. This enhances bio-diversity and ecological features whilst reducing infrastructure costs.

City Center
Modular Construction
Vertical Garden
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SUDS Attenuation Pond
Construction Site
Wooden Stairs
Modern Housing Complex
White Modern House
Residential Development


Our comprehensive list of services is provided below. We would be delighted to discuss the specific requirements of your scheme.

Feel free to contact us at technical@quantum-ce.co.uk


Climate Change

We are clear about our responsibility to addressing Climate Change in the way that we operate as a business and service our clients.


We are fully engaged in meeting the UK Governments Net Zero carbon target by 2050, but as a business we are targetting the more ambitious United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals which aim to deliver a sustainable built environment by 2030.

We will operate a low energy and paperless office and will only print when absolutely necessary.

We will work collaboratively with our clients and design teams to incorporate sustainable design principals in our projects.

We actively encourage our design teams to maximise the opportunity offered by the natural environment before adopting hard engineering solutions. 

We embrace the use of technology in undertaking designs, communications and office operations thus reducing our environmental footprint.




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