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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The four million housing shortfall provides a great opportunity for the UK to re-imagine its energy strategy for new residential developments. At Quantum Consulting Engineers we embrace low carbon energy strategies, together with renewable energy technologies, to deliver the most carbon neutral and energy-efficient homes. Our involvement starts from the concept design stage, all the way to detailed design for small individual dwellings, schools, mixed-use developments schemes to large scale masterplan developments. 

The use of Building Management Systems provides a great opportunity to incorporate energy-efficient technology within new commercial buildings or in buildings that are being refurbished or retrofitted with new energy technology. Our MEP design team seamlessly coordinates designs with architects and energy consultants to facilitate the most energy-efficient and operational schemes that can be delivered whilst reducing carbon emissions. 

  • Micro Combined Heating and Power Systems

  • Solar Voltaic Panels

  • Anaerobic Digestion

  • Solar Thermal Panels

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Deep Cycle Batteries

  • Biomass Systems

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