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Water Neutrality & Water Offsets

theWaterBank is a database that matches developers with existing property owners willing to offer their existing buildings for retrofits to achieve significant water reductions. More importantly these savings will need to be made within the same water resource zone inc which the development is proposed. Offsetting is usually done by working in partnership with local organisations, housing associations, the council, businesses, churches and charities. 

Typical Options for water offsetting schemes are provided below:

  • All offset schemes will require a water efficiency audit and a detailed water efficiency retrofit design. 

  • The developer would then need to donate/pay a fee to a housing association to retrofit their homes or existing businesses.

  • Offsetting by fixing leaks over and above planned work by water companies.

  • Retrofitting school buildings or local hotels to improve water efficiency.

  • Retrofitting water reuse schemes such as in public buildings or schools or private institutions like hotels in the area.

  • Installing smart meters (above what was already planned by water companies) can also help encourage water saving behaviours, and provide information on how much water is being used.

In addition to the above water offsetting activities councils may require an investment into awareness campaigns and promoting water saving behaviours via S106 Obligations.

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