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Sustainable Developments & Communities

The challenges of delivering truly sustainable developments are as much local as they are global. Recent events have also demonstrated to us that large scale developments with centralized services can be by their very nature, the greatest problem.

Creating sustainable developments will require a more intimate and holistic design approach that recognises the capacity of natural, environmental and physial constraints. At Quantum Consulting Engineers we believe that every aspect of engineering design is able to contribute towards resilient communities and sustainable developments. Through innovation we push engineering boundaries to create sustainable NET Zero developments, design multi-functional infrastructure that provide communities with the appropriate services and leisure facilities at an economical cost. To us sustainability and climate change adaptation is innovation and not cost. 

  • Anaerobic Digestion

  • CO2 Reduction

  • Smart Technologies

  • NET Zero Homes

  • Better Air Tightness & Energy Ratings

  • Biomass Systems

  • Drainage, Flood & Cyclone Resilience

  • Sanitation & Water Supply

  • Waste Management

  • Modern Methods of Technology

  • Infrastructure & Roads Design

  • Smart & Community Grids

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